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October 23, 2022

I’m excited to bring you a brand new product: Lit Bites!

Lit Bites are small literature unit studies, based on just one book. These bites contain everything you need to study a piece of literature with your child. They include vocabulary, discussion questions, and activities based on the story.

I am frequently asked what I do with ALL of the books that don’t make the cut when I’m working on a full-year level. Sometimes, a book is great, but it just doesn’t quite fit the overall theme of the level I am working on. Or the book is too advanced or too young for where I needed it to fit. Or I just had to pare down too many titles. There are myriad other possible reasons too. I always felt sad when I read something great but I can’t seem to squeeze it into a level or unit study.

That’s why I’m so excited about this new product! With our Lit Bites, I can finally find a place for those books that I loved, but couldn’t find a home for elsewhere in Build Your Library!

These short units are perfect when you just want to study a specific title, or when you need to swap a book out of a level. Now you will have a ready-made literature unit to use instead of having to come up with something on your own!

Our Lit Bites are also a perfect way to sample Build Your Library. Not ready to commit to a full-year level? Try out a Lit Bite! Just looking for something new to add to your homeschool day? Lit Bites to the rescue!

Lit Bites available for purchase:

Lit Bite: A Wrinkle in Time – ages 8 – 12

Lit Bite: Maus Books I and II – ages 14+

Lit Bite: Ophie’s Ghosts – ages 8 – 12

Lit Bite: Yonder – ages 8 – 12

Lit Bite: Willodeen – ages 7 – 10

Lit Bite: Towers Falling – ages 7 – 10

Lit Bite: Dry – ages 14+

Lit Bite: Megabat – ages 5 – 8

Lit Bite: Betty Before X – ages 10 – 12

Lit Bite: Anne of Green Gables – ages 8 – 12

Lit Bite: Calpurnia Tate Girl Vet: Skunked! – ages 5 – 8

Lit Bite: The Last Mapmaker – ages 10 – 12

Lit Bite: Healer of the Water Monster – ages 10 – 12

Lit Bite: The War That Saved My Life – ages 10 – 12

Lit Bite: Wildoak – ages 8 – 12


For some of our other offerings, check out the rest of our unit studies!

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