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Build Your Library – Level 0 ( Kindergarten – Age 4-6 )

Around the World – You are about to embark on an adventure around the world with your kindergarten child! We’ll be visiting each of the seven continents and exploring the amazing places and animals found on our planet earth! This is a gentle but exciting tour 30-week around the world.



Build Your Library – Level 1 ( Grade 1 – Age 6-8 )

The Ancient World – Enter the world of Ancient history: where pharaohs ruled Egypt and built great pyramids, Spartan warriors fought against the might of Persia and Roman gladiators fought for their lives in the arena. You and your child will begin an epic adventure through world history. You will also learn about the vast mythology that ancient civilizations created to explain their world. The science focus this year is Nature Study.



Build Your Library – Level 2 ( Grade 2 – Age 7-9 )

The Medieval World – You and your child will embark on a journey through the Medieval Era this year. Continuing your adventure through world history, you will learn about knights and castles, the rise of Islam in the Middle East, the Crusades, Vikings, battles, and more! This year’s science focus is on earth and space.



Build Your Library – Level 3 ( Grade 3 – Age 8-10 )

The Early Modern World – You and your child will continue your adventure through world history through the Early Modern era this year! It was a time of colonization, revolution, discoveries, and inventions. Follow early explorers as they expand the boundaries of their maps, join in the excitement of revolution in the Americas and Europe, learn about Samurai warriors, the Sun King, and more! This year’s science study is chemistry.



Build Your Library – Level 4 ( Grade 4 – Age 9-11 )

The Modern World – It was an age of conflict and invention, colonialism and communism, war and revolution. The Modern World was (and is!) an exciting time to explore. You’ll study the rise and fall of world powers, the race to the space age and witness the creation of inventions that would change the world forever. Science at this level is basic physics and studying the way things work.



Build Your Library – Level 5 ( Grade 5 – Age 10-12 )

American History, Part 1 – You and your child are about to embark on the first half of our American History study, using a variety of diverse fiction and non-fiction. You will learn about the many diverse Native American Nations already living on the North American continent before the Europeans arrived, discover why the first European colonists came to America, and watch those early colonies change and grow into the United States. Your science focus this year is biology, using Real Science Odyssey’s Biology 2.



Build Your Library – Level 6 ( Grade 6 – Age 11-13 )

American History, Part 2 – Continuing your journey through American History begun with Level 5, you will cover the Civil War through modern day. Choose a side in the tumultuous Civil War, learn what it was like to immigrate to America at the turn of the century, learn about the World Wars of the 20th century, and join the protests during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.  In the final six weeks, your child will write a research report. I have provided a research report guide to assist them. In science, you will study Astronomy and Earth Science with a focus on Climate Change



Build Your Library – Level 7 ( Grade 7 – Age 12-14 )

Exploring Your World – Get ready for an exciting voyage around the world! This year your child will travel to all seven continents and learn about the land and cultures of the world. Your child will meet families from around the globe and get a fascinating look at how they live and what they eat; you’ll explore various landscapes, from the tropical rainforests of Brazil and Papua New Guinea to the Sahara Desert and the frozen wasteland of Antarctica and you’ll complete a variety of projects, from creating different types of maps to creating international works of art. This year is packed full of great books and open-ended projects! Your science focus in Level 7 is zoology and physical geography.



Build Your Library – Level 8 ( Grade 8 – Age 12-15 )

History of Science – It’s time for a whirlwind tour through world history, with a twist. This year, your child will be studying World History through the lens of science. You will follow the trail of scientific thought and discovery from the ancient Sumerians through the Modern day. You’ll conduct experiments from the minds of some of the greatest scientists in history and learn how those scientists changed the world with their ideas. The science covered this year is Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics.



Build Your Library – Level 9 ( Grade 9 – Age 14-16 )

Prehistoric World – So often, history textbooks begin with Mesopotamia and the farmers of the Fertile Crescent as the beginning of history. It may be true that the beginning of recorded history starts with them, but those early civilizations were hardly the beginning of history. This year we seek to go back…WAY back to the very beginning. This year’s focus is on Prehistory, Geology, and Evolution. We are going back in time to learn about the origins of the Earth and all the wondrous life that has called it home. We’ll start at the very beginning and work our way up to the dawn of man. We’ll study general science, learn to analyze literature, and study survival skills!



Build Your Library – Level 10 ( Grade 10 – Age 15-17 )

World History, Part 1 – This year begins an in-depth foray into World History. We’ll be covering Prehistory through the early Renaissance using the hilarious and information-packed series: Cartoon History of the Universe series by Larry Gonick. Using the first three of these books as our spine, we’ll delve deeper into the material using a variety of living books and resources to get a deep understanding of history and world religions.  Our science focus this year is biology with a side of Nature Study and our poetry focus is on the Epic.



Build Your Library – Level 11 ( Grade 11 – Age 16-18 )

World History, Part 2 – This year is a continuation of World History that we began in Level 10. We’ll continue reading the hilarious and information-packed series: Cartoon History of the Modern World by Larry Gonick. Using these two books as our spine, we’ll delve deeper into the material using a variety of living books and resources to get a deep understanding of history and the people who lived it. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of language in our History of the English Language elective. This year’s science focus is Chemistry.



Build Your Library – Level 12 ( Grade 12 – Age 16-18 )

American History – This level is a deep dive into American History, from the first Americans before exploration to the modern day. We’ll be exploring the major events of America’s turbulent history and witnessing how people have changed (or stayed the same) throughout our history. You’ll study both American Government and Economics, as well as explore digital photography as an art form.






Family Reading Crates

The BYL Family Reading Crates are all about the books. While other subscription book boxes usually revolve around one new release book from a certain genre, and a ton of extra fluff stuff, the BYL book crates are packed full of books for the whole family. Sure we have a few other non-book items with a tie in to the month’s theme, but the highlight is the stack of books and the accompanying unit-study style booklet.

For more information see the Family Reading Crate FAQ.


Read Aloud Book Club

Read Aloud Book Club (RABC) packs will include a family read aloud book. This curated reading selection will be a fantastic read that you will be excited to share with your entire family. In addition to the book, you will receive a booklet with discussion questions and ideas for rabbit trails that you could choose to pursue – a mini unit study, if you will.

For more information see the Read Aloud Book Club FAQ.

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