Unit Study: Sharks!

March 13, 2013

Every summer, Discovery Channel has their Shark Week special, and my family and I look forward to it every year – to say we are shark fans would be an understatement! So of course, I had to write a Shark Unit Study! Now you can celebrate Shark Week any time of year!

With this multi-age homeschool unit study, you and your children will learn everything you ever wanted to know about sharks! You’ll learn about different species of sharks, including prehistoric sharks, shark anatomy, how to protect yourself from being bitten by a shark and more!

I have scheduled several wonderful books for your studies, including Shark Life: True Stories About Sharks & the Sea by Peter Benchley, author of possibly the most famous shark novel – Jaws. This is a fascinating children’s book about Benchley’s experiences with sharks, as well as how to protect yourself in the ocean.

You will complete a variety of projects, such as creating your own shark field guide, making a shark anatomy flip book, a sharks around the world map project, and a shark scale project, to name a few.

This unit includes a complete schedule, book list, documentary list, helpful internet links, copywork/dictation assignments, vocabulary, writing assignments, and a variety of projects, including 11 notebooking pages. It is scheduled over 3 weeks, but can easily be stretched to last longer if you only do 2 – 3 lessons per week. You can even purchase a 2-foot dogfish shark to do a anatomy dissection activity to finish your study of sharks!

Here are some samples of a few of the projects:

Sharks Around the World Mapping Project
Sharks Around the World Mapping Project
Shark Anatomy Book
Shark Anatomy Book


How Big Is It? Shark Scale Project
How Big Is It? Shark Scale Project


So what are you waiting for? Jump into the ocean and start your shark adventure today!

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