Lit Bite: Ophie’s Ghosts

April 1, 2022

Ophie’s Ghosts might be the best middle-grade novel I read in 2022, so far!  Beautifully written, this is a story about grief, ghosts, and racism in 1920s America.

Ophie and her mother have just moved to Pittsburgh after her father’s death, and they struggle to make a life for themselves. But Ophie has a secret – she can see ghosts. Over the course of this story, she learns why she has this talent as well as what to do with it.

But this story is so much more than just a girl and the ghosts who seek her out. This is a story about racism and injustice – the ugly history that is so often swept under the rug in America. The characters in this story are all so vivid and well-written. The supernatural element is well-crafted as well. The author built a fascinating world within our world. I loved watching Ophie come into her own in this story. She is a wonderful heroine.

This Lit Bite takes 3 weeks to complete (as written). While flexible age-wise, I recommend it for ages 10 – 12 due to some frightening and upsetting scenes.

Every Lit Bite comes with:

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  • discussion questions
  • copywork and dictation taken from the literature
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