Lit Bite: Maus I and II

April 1, 2022

Art Spiegleman’s masterpiece, the Maus duology, is one of the most compelling and important graphic novels your teen will read.

With the recent controversy surrounding it, I thought it was important to write a Lit Bite around it. I first read Maus several years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. Part memoir and part biography, this novel follows the author as he interviews his father about his parent’s time during World War II when they were forced to fight for their survival in ghettos and concentration camps.

Maus explores themes of writing, survival, racism, oppression, and family. The content is challenging as the subject matter is dark and written in a way to show that sometimes when you survive a traumatic experience, you are forever altered by it.

Through this Lit Bite, you will learn about the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance, as well as the effects of World War II on both Poland’s geography and people.

This Lit Bite takes 2 weeks to complete (as written). Because of the difficult content, this Bite is recommended for high schoolers – ages 14+

Every Lit Bite comes with:

  • a full reading schedule
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