Not too long ago, we sold complete subscription-style Read Aloud Book Club Packs. These included a physical book, bookmarks, and a unit study-like booklet with discussion questions and topics to discuss the books you read.

We were often asked if the booklets would ever be made available after the packs were sold out, and we always said that they could/should/would be in the future… Well we finally got around to it! Sorry for the delay! So if you ever wanted the booklet from a previous RABC pick, here they are. If the RABC is still available in physical copies, the booklets are not yet sold separately.

Note: These are all now sold as PDFs, and are designed to be printed off as a folded booklet. If you just hit print (or view online) the pages will appear out of order. If you print it off with the “print both sides” and “flip on short side” options, it should print the page so if you fold it in half. You will then end up with one-page booklet. Alternately, you could just hit print “one sided”, cut the pages in half, then rearrange the pages in order, and staple the top corner.

The required book will be linked to Amazon for easy sourcing (we appreciate any use of our affiliate links!), or feel free to hit up your local library or used book store!

$1.99 each booklet (PDF)

Jan 2020 – “Birds of a Feather” Booklet – $1.99


Feb 2020 – “Over the Moon” Booklet – $1.99


Mar 2020 – “Bear Hugs and Brotherly Love” Booklet – $1.99


April 2020 – “BFFs” Booklet – $1.99


May 2020 – “Storms and Magic” Booklet – $1.99


June 2020 – “Make a Wish” Booklet – $1.99


July 2020 – “Haints and History” Booklet – $1.99


August 2020 – “Libraries and Mysteries” Booklet – $1.99


September 2020 – “Banana Book Theory” Booklet – $1.99


October 2020 – “Thrills and Chills” Booklet – $1.99


November 2020 – “Back to the Drawing Board” Booklet – $1.99


December 2020 – “Fire and Ice!” Booklet – $1.99


January 2021 – “Colors of Friendship” Booklet – $1.99


February 2021 – “CREATE!” Booklet – $1.99


April 2021 – “Family Magic” Booklet – $1.99


July 2021 – “Science with a Dash of Magic” Booklet – $1.99

  • The Light in the Lake


Oct/Sept/August 2021 – on break, no RABCs

December 2021 – “Winter Magic!” Booklet – $1.99


March 2022 – “Everything’s Mathematical” Booklet – $1.99



March 2021 – “Be the Change” (full pack still available)
May 2021 – “Camp Somebody” (full pack still available)
June 2021 – “Rules of Friendship” (full pack still available)
November 2021 – “Extra, Extra, Read All About It!” (full pack still available)
January 2022 – “Dreams + Fate + Destiny”(full pack still available)
February 2022 – “Dog Days” (full pack still available)


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