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(FAQ) What is the Family Reading Crate?

** 5/2019 – Family Reading Crates have been discontinued.

** 11/2019 – Family Reading Crate Replacement Coming Soon.
(“Read Aloud Book Club Packs” Coming January 2020)

I love the idea of literary subscription boxes, and there are so many on the market! But one thing that I have always longed for, was a book subscription box that the whole family could enjoy. That is how the Build Your Library Family Reading Crates were born! Something for everyone is included – each box will have books for your children as well as a book for you, the parent! I want this box to be something that every family can enjoy – whether they homeschool or not.

Build Your Library Family Reading Crates

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Apr 2019 – Books at Sea | May 2019 – Books in Space!Family Reading Crates Subscription Boxes

What’s in the box?

“Subscription Boxes are pretty much the only way you can buy yourself a gift and be surprised when you open the box!”

Family Reading Crates LogoWithout giving away spoilers, each of our subscription-style crates will include a stack of about 4 books based on a particular theme or topic. These curated reading selections are fantastic reads that you will be excited to share with your entire family. Every box will also include a special, hand picked book just for mom or dad that also pertains to the theme of the box.

Previous and Current Themes:

    • Jan 2018 – Alaska, The Last Frontier (sold out)
    • Feb 2018 – The World of Birds (sold out)
    • Mar 2018 – Goblins, Magic, and Fantasy, Oh My! (sold out)
    • Apr 2018 – Bookception: Books Within Books! (sold out)
    • May 2018 – Woof Woof! Yeah, Bark Bark! (sold out)
    • June 2018 – Diversity: #OwnVoices! (sold out)
    • July 2018 – We Are Family! (sold out)
    • Aug 2018 – Reader Player One! (sold out)
    • Sept 2018 – Journey to Other Worlds! (sold out)
    • Oct 2018 – Books that go Bump in the Night! (sold out)
    • Nov 2018 – The Gilded Age (sold out)
    • Dec 2018 – Happy Holidays (sold out)
    • Jan 2019 – We Need A Shero! (sold out)
    • Feb 2019 – Science Fiction Isn’t Just Outer Space! (sold out)
    • Mar 2019 – Axis & Allies: WWII (sold out)
    • April 2019 – Books at Sea (sold out)
    • May 2019 – Books in Space! (sold out)

In addition to the books, you will receive a booklet with discussion questions and ideas for rabbit trails that you could choose to pursue – a mini unit study if you will. We will also include a special weblink for you in the booklet that will direct you to printables, additional links to other books and websites that will help you explore the theme of that month’s box.

There will also be one or two special items that tie into the books being read – I’m aiming for meaningful, but may include some silly or fun items for your child. You’ll always receive some collectible themed bookmarks, but there will also be other items to help you get the most out of that month’s theme.

Note: Any book contained in a Family Reading Crate will be a new selection, that has not already assigned in previously released BYL full-year curriculum, unit studies, or reading crates.

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What makes BYL Family Reading Crates different from other subscription book boxes?

What makes BYL Family Reading Crates different from other subscription book boxes?

The BYL Family Reading Crates are all about the books. While other subscription book boxes usually revolve around one new release book from a certain genre, and a ton of extra fluff stuff, the BYL book crates are packed full of books for the whole family. Sure we have a few other non-book items with a tie in to the month’s theme, but the highlight is the stack of books and the accompanying unit-study style booklet.

Here’s What You Missed:

[SPOILER ALERT] Don’t watch an unboxing video for a crate you have not received yet, if you want to be surprised when your package arrives! 🙂

The following videos are official BYL / ARRRGH! Schooling “unboxings” of all of our released crates (some may still available). We don’t want to spoil the surprise so we wait until the first set of crates go out… But again, if your crate hasn’t arrived yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, watch these video later! If you are looking for an idea of what to expect in future Family Reading Crates, here is a glimpse into the contents and thought process going in to creating these crates. Order one of this month’s crate here, while supplies last.

January 2018 (sold out):

February 2018 (sold out):

March 2018 (sold out):

April 2018 (sold out):

May 2018 (still available):

June 2018 (still available):

July 2018 (still available):

August 2018 (sold out):

September 2018 (sold out):

October 2018 (sold out):

November 2018 (sold out):

December 2018 (sold out):

January 2019 (sold out):

February 2019 (sold out):

March 2019 (sold out):

April 2019 (sold out):

Don’t just take our word for it…

Customer YouTube Unboxing Reviews:

The following are customer unboxing or review videos we have found on YouTube. We are so excited to see happy customers open up their surprise crate of books!

We also have several Family Reading Crate unboxing blog reviews here at MySubscriptionAddiction. These reviews have tons of pictures and very throughout write ups.

If you have a BYL FRC unboxing video that we don’t have listed above, please let us know!

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How much does each box cost?

Each box is $34.99 including shipping in the US (continental, Alaska, Hawaii and FPO/APOs) (effectively $26.99 + $8 S&H).

International shipping is currently disabled, but we are looking into ways we can make that a possibility. It actually cost us an extra $36.50 in just USPS postage to send our January crates to Canada ($42 for Feb)… and almost $50 to Europe! Crazy right?!? We haven’t yet found a cost effective way to ship these out internationally, and just can’t see making non-US customers pay that much shipping, no matter how cool our crates are…

Note: I want to share a potential International Shipping Option for Family Reading Crates. Some of our customers have been successfully using as a package forwarding service to ship their Family Reading Crates overseas or to Canada. You basically set up an account with them, they assign you a virtual US mailing address, and when your FRC arrives to them, they forward the box to your int’l address at a discounted rate as opposed to USPS. Normally the FRCs are 12.5″x10″x3″ and about 4-5lbs, so if you wanted to check out their rates to your destination, you might be able to use their service and start getting our crates!

** CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE (and for details of the current crate) **

Sales or Discounts on Crates?

All Build Your Library sales and discount codes are only valid on our digital PDF products (curriculum and unit studies – unless specifically noted). The profit margin on the Family Reading Crates is extremely thin, so to keep the price as low as it is, we are typically unable to offer additional discounts on the $34.99 crate price tag. We are sure you will find the value of these crates well worth our asking price! (We may offer previous month crates at a set discounted price, but crates are not usually eligible for additional “percent off” codes.)

Sales or Discounts on Crates?

Can I subscribe for more than a month at a time?

Currently there will be a limited number of each (monthly) box available, and they will need to be purchased individually month to month. In the future, we are aiming to increase the amount of available boxes per month and may set up an actual automatic recurring monthly subscription… But right now, our “subscription-style” boxes will be one-time pre-order purchases.

Those who purchased the previous month’s box will either be e-mailed a couple days ahead of the scheduled public pre-order or given a link in the crate booklet for first dibs on purchasing the next crate. You should plan on ordering the crate ASAP to ensure you are guaranteed an upcoming box. Availability may vary month to month. Pre-orders typically start on or very close to the first of each month.

** CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE (and for details of the current crate) **

What is your return/refund policy?

We cannot accept returned boxes, whether they have been opened or not.

If you receive a book in one of our boxes that you already own, please consider re-gifting that book to a friend! Spread the love! We will announce the theme before the boxes are ready to pre-order so you can decide if it sounds like a box you would want to explore. But we promise all of our books are pre-screened and hand picked in order to be something that your whole family will enjoy.

We USPS track every box we ship, and will hold a couple “emergency reserve” crates in safe keeping in case one of the packages goes missing in transit, or somehow becomes damaged beyond use. Most of the time, if a corner gets crushed, the contents should still be fine… Once we see the crates look like they are all safe and sound and do not hear of any immediate casualties, we may private sale a “sold out” crate to someone that missed out. But we cannot guarantee that we ever have “a few extras”, so please notify us ASAP if you have a problem.

Family Reading Crate return/refund policy

** CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE (and for details of the current crate) **

Order schedule

Our schedule is as follows:

  • Dec 1, 2018: Pre-order open for the limited number of January crates*
  • By last week of  December: pre-ordered January crates are shipped
  • Jan 1, 2019: Pre-order open for the limited number of February crates*
  • By last week of January: pre-ordered February crates are shipped
  • etc.                                                                                    *(theme revealed)

Basic rule of thumb: All crates pre-order on the 1st of the month before, and ship out approximately a week before that month starts. We would rather be a couple days early, but please allow us a couple days late if any unforeseen problems were to arise.

example: A Feb crate goes on sale Jan 1st, to be shipped by the last week of Jan, to arrive on/or about the first week of Feb.

example: A July crate goes on sale June 1st, to be shipped by the last week of June, to arrive on/or about the first week of July.

Unless we still have crates available late in the month, and you are one of the last few to order, then we will get your box out within a few days if it misses the bulk ship out.

** CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE (and for details of the current crate) **


As a business, we hope all of our boxes sell out. This is Build Your Library’s first foray into physical inventory items. Normally we are selling digital products, where a bunch of “ones and zeros” are sitting on a computer server waiting to be instantly and electronically delivered to a customer. Then we let Amazon, your public library or other sources supply your reading material. Now we have boxes and boxes and boxes of books at our house, in which we hand pack, store, and ship out our Family Reading Crates ourselves. We have never had such an appreciation for businesses with actual warehouses and teams of employees. 🙂

But as a person, we hope our customers are not disappointed if they are unable to obtain a certain month’s box… As we streamline our processes and make additional relationships with publishers, book wholesalers and other item vendors, we will be able to increase our available crate count per month and increase the variety of books and included items. But let me tell you, these crates are pretty stinkin’ cool – if I do say so myself.

How Do These Crates Come to Be?

The Making of a Family Reading Crate | Behind the Scenes Vlog:

** CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE (and for details of the current crate) **

Family Reading Crate Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials:

[January 2018 Crate] I got the Family Reading Crate today and I am so impressed. Fantastic!!! ~ Tracy C. (BYL Families Facebook Group) 12/26/17

[January 2018 Crate] Just received my BYL Family Reading Crate. I am so excited. The books look awesome and can’t wait to start reading. Love the little extras too. Simple but something we can put on our book theme wall. ~ Kathrine M. (BYL Families Facebook Group) 12/23/17

[January 2018 Crate] I was slightly nervous to order but too intrigued to skip, because we have a LOT of books and I am not a huge fan of duplicates. I was very pleased with the January box, no duplicates and some really great choices I likely wouldn’t have thought to purchase but will enjoy very much. We’ll be ordering the February box too! ~ Ryan W. (BYL Facebook Page) 12/27/17

[January 2018 Crate] I am so impressed with the looks of the January crate! I am excited to cover these titles this month in our homeschooling. But I won’t spoil anything for those that haven’t gotten theirs yet though 😉 It’s even VISUALLY appealing. Was that just coincidence?? To lay them all out together was just so pretty! ~ Shannon F. (BYL Facebook Page) 12/26/17

[February 2018 Crate] We received our Family Reading Crate in the mail today. It is fabulous. We are so excited to dive in. The added goodies really push it over the top awesome. Such thoughtful book selections and added touches. My kids were jumping up and down with excitement. Can’t say enough. Thank you so much! We’ll be looking forward to these every month. ~ Kelly V. (Blog) 1/25/18

[May 2018 Crate] Just wanted to share that we have really loved the “Woof Woof! Yeah, Bark Bark!” crate this month 🙂 We absolutely loved the picture book as a family. Such great illustrations and a wonderful story. I have just finished Lily and the Octopus, and totally enjoyed it on so many different levels. I love how the book shows that no matter who we are, we all have feelings and levels of emotions. It was a book that took me from laughter to tears, and lots of different emotions along the way. Wonderful read 🙂 ~ Denise S. (BYL Facebook Page) 5/12/18

Have you already purchased a Family Reading Crate? We would love to hear what you think and share your experience with others – Please feel free to leave a product review on our Contact Us page! Thanks for your support!

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