New Family Reading Crates On Hold

April 12, 2019

All good things must come to an end. Or at least a pause. We will be taking a few months off from offering new Family Reading Crates. The May 2019 “Books in Space!” Family Reading Crates are still a go and will ship out in a week or two.

Sad Box

But we will not be releasing new themes for a bit. The reason for this is two-fold.

25% of the blame can be placed on the massive amount of time it will require to finish Level 12 on time. There are still so many books to get through and lesson plans to write. Once level 12 is finished, the biggest monster of projects will be completed!

But 75% is because they just aren’t selling as well as would justify the time and effort that goes into start-to-finish production of a Family Reading Crate. Every month. Which is unfortunate, because all we get are positive comments and reviews. People love our crates! But then the sales numbers are just not backing that up. It doesn’t matter if we sell 40 crates, 400 crates or 1000. It still requires the same amount of time, planning, reading and effort to put them together.

While it is true that we recently sold out of a couple of months worth of crates, this was more because we have been significantly reducing the amount available. The number of crates available per month is calculated by the previous month’s total sales, and the amount of pre-orders we get before we have to order supplies. Of course, we also add several extra crates to accommodate late orders or for those who wait until after the unboxing video.

All in all, we just aren’t getting enough new buyers or consistent repeat customers. Are we offering crates too frequently and customers are having too many books pile up that they can not get to before another month is available? Perhaps… so we have decided to wait a few months before we release another crate.

In the meantime, we still have several 2018 crates in stock if you haven’t purchased those yet. The first few months, crates were flying off the shelves. Both February and March 2018 crates sold out completely in 3 days! We then started to (overly) optimistically ramp up the number of crates on hand. Then sales hit a plateau. Convinced it would pick up, we continued to stay at the same number. We were positive that they would eventually sell within a few more weeks. Or a few more weeks… Then sales started to decline.

Or maybe we picked some themes that were not as popular as we would have thought? “We are Family,” “Diversity: #OwnVoices,” these are still available, now just barely above cost at $25. But we would rather sell them at cost, then continue to have them sit in our storage unit. When we say (Limited number remaining) that can be “2 left!” or 200.  : /

We would like to thank all those who have purchased Family Reading Crates in the past. Especially those of you who purchased a January 2018 Alaska Crate as well as every crate that followed, “subscription-style,” without missing one.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder? We’ll see in a few months! We will announce on Facebook and in a monthly newsletter when new Family Reading Crates are ready to hit the market once again. Thanks!


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