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April 21, 2019

For our latest subscription-style offering, please see our “Read Aloud Book Club” Pack

** Our Family Reading Crates have been discontinued, and are now sold out. **

Sold Out

Each box includes 4 books,  a booklet with discussion questions and rabbit trail ideas, as well as a link to a page on our site with additional links, booklists, movies and documentaries, and printable activities to go along with the books.

You’ll also always receive a few exclusive crate bookmarks, and at least one or two additional items that go along with the monthly theme.

It’s like getting an all-inclusive family-wide unit study in a subscription-style book box each month!

See the full BYL Family Reading Crate (FAQ) here.


Family Reading Crate GARAGE SALE




BYL Family Reading Crates are Sold Out


Sorry… ALL BYL Family Reading Crates are Sold Out:

May 2019 Crate – “Books in Space!”

April 2019 Crate – “Books at Sea” 

March 2019 Crate – “Axis & Allies: WWII in Literature”

February 2019 Crate – “Science Fiction Isn’t Just Outer Space”

January 2019 Crate – “We Need a Shero”

December 2018 Crate – “Happy Holidays!”

October 2018 Crate – “Things That Go Bump in the Night”

September 2018 Crate – “Journey to Other Worlds!”

August 2018 Crate – “Reader Player One”

April 2018 Crate – “Bookception: Books Within Books”

March 2018 Crate – “Goblins, Magic and Fantasy, Oh My!”

February 2018 Crate – “The World of Birds”

January 2018 Crate – “Alaska: The Last Frontier”

Sold Out

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