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April 21, 2019

For our latest subscription-style offering, please see our “Read Aloud Book Club” Pack

** Our Family Reading Crates have been discontinued, but will still have the following available in limited quantities below. **

Each box includes 4 books,  a booklet with discussion questions and rabbit trail ideas, as well as a link to a page on our site with additional links, booklists, movies and documentaries, and printable activities to go along with the books.

You’ll also always receive a few exclusive crate bookmarks, and at least one or two additional items that go along with the monthly theme.

It’s like getting an all-inclusive family-wide unit study in a subscription-style book box each month!

See the full BYL Family Reading Crate (FAQ) here.

( New Family Reading Crates On Hold )

Family Reading Crate GARAGE SALE:

Second chance at a missed crate.
All remaining crates are now on sale for $25.00.


Some of the previous month’s subscription-style boxes may be available below, while supplies last:
Family Reading Crate GARAGE SALE

All remaining crates are now on sale for $25.00.


“We Are Family!” Family Reading Crate

Order July 2018 Crate
“We Are Family!”
$34.99 – $25.00

(including shipping and handling in the US.)

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“Diversity: #OwnVoices” Family Reading Crate

Purchase June 2018 Crate
“Diversity: #OwnVoices”$34.99 – $25.00

(While supplies last… SEE above for current month)

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“Woof Woof! Yeah, Bark Bark!” Dog Family Reading Crate

Purchase May 2018 Crate
“Woof Woof! Yeah, Bark Bark!” 
$34.99 – $25.00

(While supplies last… SEE above for current month)

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BYL Family Reading Crates are Sold Out


Sorry… The following BYL Family Reading Crates are Sold Out:

May 2019 Crate – “Books in Space!”

April 2019 Crate – “Books at Sea” 

March 2019 Crate – “Axis & Allies: WWII in Literature”

February 2019 Crate – “Science Fiction Isn’t Just Outer Space”

January 2019 Crate – “We Need a Shero”

December 2018 Crate – “Happy Holidays!”

October 2018 Crate – “Things That Go Bump in the Night”

September 2018 Crate – “Journey to Other Worlds!”

August 2018 Crate – “Reader Player One”

April 2018 Crate – “Bookception: Books Within Books”

March 2018 Crate – “Goblins, Magic and Fantasy, Oh My!”

February 2018 Crate – “The World of Birds”

January 2018 Crate – “Alaska: The Last Frontier”

Sold Out

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