A while back, we sold complete subscription-style Family Reading Crates. These included 3-5 physical books, bookmarks, ra elated toy item, and a unit study-like booklet with discussion questions and topics to discuss the books you read. The book selections included a picture book, a family read-aloud, a book for an older independent reader, and even an adult book for parents or older teenagers.

Family Reading Crates Subscription Boxes

We were often asked if the booklets would ever be made available after the crates were sold out, and we always said that they could/should/would be in the future… Well, we finally got around to it! Sorry for the delay! So if you ever wanted the booklet with one or all of the Family Reading Crate picks, here they are.

Note: These are all now sold as PDFs, and are designed to be printed off as a folded booklet. If you just hit print (or view online) the pages will appear out of order. If you print it off with the “print both sides” and “flip on short side” options, it should print the pages so if you fold the pages in half. You will then end up with a couple page booklet. Alternately, you could just hit print “one-sided”, cut the pages in half, then rearrange the numbered pages in order, and staple the top corner.

Typically, the below-listed books are in order as follows:

  • family read aloud
  • young listeners/picture book
  • older readers
  • parent or older teens

All required books, as applicable for your age ranges will be linked to Amazon for easy sourcing (we appreciate any use of our affiliate links!), or feel free to hit up your local library or used book store!

$2.99 each booklet (PDF)

Jan 2018 – Alaska, The Last Frontier Booklet – $2.99


Feb 2018 – The World of Birds Booklet – $2.99


Mar 2018 – Goblins, Magic, and Fantasy, Oh My! Booklet – $2.99


Apr 2018 – Bookception: Books Within Books! Booklet – $2.99


May 2018 – Woof Woof! Yeah, Bark Bark! Booklet – $2.99


June 2018 – Diversity: #OwnVoices! Booklet – $2.99


July 2018 – We Are Family! Booklet – $2.99


Aug 2018 – Reader Player One! Booklet – $2.99


Sept 2018 – Journey to Other Worlds! Booklet – $2.99


Oct 2018 – Books that go Bump in the Night! Booklet – $2.99


Nov 2018 – The Gilded Age Booklet – $2.99


Dec 2018 – Happy Holidays Booklet – $2.99


Jan 2019 – We Need A Shero! Booklet – $2.99


Feb 2019 – Science Fiction Isn’t Just Outer Space! Booklet – $2.99


Mar 2019 – Axis & Allies: WWII Booklet – $2.99


April 2019 – Books at Sea Booklet – $2.99


May 2019 – Books in Space! Booklet – $2.99


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