July 2024 Monthly Newsletter

July 1, 2024

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[July 1, 2024 ] – Welcome to our July Video Newsletter!


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Hey everybody, it’s Emily from Build Your Library! If you are going to skim the beginning, here are the main topics in this month’s newsletter:

Now that I have your attention, I have the details on those items and more for you.

Monthly Newsletter

  • “The summer looks out from her brazen tower, through the flashing bars of July.” – Francis Thompson

Hello July, how did you sneak up on me?! I feel like June just started, but here we are in the heart of summer! It’s time to put on my planning hat because July is when I like to get all my ducks in a row for the new school year ahead! It’s a season of book collecting and looking over my shelves to see what we’ll be studying this coming year.

Build Your Library Updates

In an attempt to answer when the next level update will be ready, we have compiled our projected schedule into a post for easy reference. We will periodically update the chart when we make progress or have any changes to our tentative schedule.

Level 11 should be updated and available by the end of this week! I’m putting on the finishing touches going over edits, and then releasing it into the world! The updated booklist is already up for you to peruse. I’m very pleased with how this update turned out. I think you’re going to love it!

I just updated our Election Unit Study!

In the next few months, our nation will elect a new president. Our children are not too young to learn about the ins and outs of our election system. This is a very exciting time, and they should be a part of it! Who will be our next president? How did these two candidates get chosen to run for president, anyway? What are political parties? What is a campaign? Our children are full of questions, and this unit study will help them find answers!

The 27-page Election 2024 Unit Study takes three weeks to complete and will answer all the above questions!

There are 12 activity pages in total. This unit is aimed at upper elementary children (ages 8 – 10) but can easily be used with a wide age range. I include an optional booklist with titles that you could add for a younger child tagging along.

The 2024 election is coming up very soon, so you don’t want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity to study the U.S. Government and the election process with your children. May the best candidate win!

Of course, I’m still working on a secret project. If you were at the last Tea with Emily livestream, you might have heard me share more about it. So be sure to check that out if you’re itching to know more. I promise, though, that I’ll share more soon! But I can tell you now: You are going to love it!

Independence Week Flash Sale!

4th of july

Celebrate Independence Week and enjoy incredible savings on our homeschool products and used books! For a limited time (July 1-5th), explore our wide range of educational materials, tools, and resources at 20% off using the code FLASH4TH at checkout. Equip your homeschool with everything you need to succeed, and take advantage of this special offer while it lasts! Visit our website now and make the most of our Independence Week Flash Sale! 

Build Your Library Reviews and Testimonials

We have always needed to improve at keeping up with trying to compile reviews and testimonials. Over the past 11-plus years, we have gotten a few here and there, but we really should get on top of them. We would love to hear about your experience with Build Your Library! Your review could be as short as a few sentences or as long as you’d like.

Google reviews make up a significant component of the SEO algorithms. We are told it is as significant as ~1/3 of the equation. With that said… We would really appreciate it if you clicked the link below and showed your support by leaving us a Google review, Facebook Review, or testimonial for our website. Our growth has been focused on customer interactions and building long-standing relationships. Thank you all for everything and for making it so easy to love what we do.google review

July Giveaway

Congratulations to our winner of last month’s Giveaway!


This month, we’re giving away a free unit study! We have several unit studies to choose from in a range of topics and age levels! Whether you want to dig deeper into a piece of literature or study a historical or scientific topic, we’ve got something for everyone!

Each action gives you entries into this month’s drawing, with some allowing for daily clicks. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received.

Check out the contest page for more details, and come back each month for new opportunities!

Collab with Soul Sparklettes Glitterbombers!

I’m excited to announce that we are collaborating with Soul Sparklettes Art!  They have many fantastic art projects that blend incredibly well with Build Your Library. You can sign up for Glitterbombers membership through our affiliate link. Check the downloads on the Purchase Pages for Levels 0 – 5 to see what projects align!

The membership includes hundreds of art projects, videos, and resources designed for homeschoolers and art teachers BY a homeschooler and art teacher team. There are three completely DONE-FOR-YOU curriculums: Global Art Hop, Elements & Principles (PEP), and a USA Curriculum. Everything is included when you join – there are no surprises and no waiting.

There’s a reason kids love these projects – Glitterbombers is the only curriculum out there that is 100% kid-tested, kid-approved, and developed with kid input. All projects are cross-curricular, match with other homeschool curriculums, and offer standards and differentiation. It’s a full art experience for kids – so they can learn THEIR way.

Sign Up for Glitterbombers Here!

You can also sign up for their Fantasy Forest Summer Art Camp through this link!

July Bookish Holidays

July is designated Read an Almanac Month, and July 30th is Paperback Book Day!

As far as birthdays go, Dean Koontz (July 9, 1945), E. B. White (July 11, 1899), Ernest Hemingway (July 21, 1899), and Helen Beatrix Potter (July 28, 1866) all celebrate this month.

While most of you do not need any extra encouragement to pick up additional reading material – we have plenty of excuses for you here! Or an excuse for cake.

BYL Online Used Book Super Store

We are pleased to announce our newest, most requested feature: an Author or Title SEARCH! We have also incorporated the bookstore into our regular website and consolidated shopping carts so you can purchase both used books and homeschool curriculum in the same place!


I have wanted to open an independent bookstore my whole life. A cute, cozy Hobbit hole of a bookstore with new books, used books, maybe tea… After many delays and setbacks, a brick-and-mortar store is currently out of the cards.

However, since I have a storage unit (and house) full of books I’ve been collecting for a store, we have decided to try to set up the BYL Online Used Book Super Store! We are so excited to announce that we are open for business! So yay! Happy book shopping!

We are adding new books almost daily, so keep checking back. We have something for every reader!

2024 Build Your Library Reading Challenge

Are you looking for a fun reading challenge for the whole family? Well, look no further! We had so much fun with challenges the past four years, so we’re continuing the tradition!  For 2024, we created a new list of 40 reading prompts to help you and your children stretch your reading muscles. This year’s theme is Reading Through History! It’s no secret that I love reading about history, and historical fiction is one of my favorite genres. So this year, I’ve created 40 prompts to help you dig into history! Need ideas for the prompts – I’ve got you! Just head over to History Book by Book!

It will be an amazing reading year filled with fun challenges and lots of historical reading! Visit our blog and download your checklist today!

As of now, I have completed 31 out of 40 prompts! I’m more than halfway through! How is your reading challenge going?

History Book by Book (HBBB)!

History Book By Book is our database of engaging, entertaining, and educational books about various historical topics. Whenever possible, we have cross-referenced topics, internally linked additional suggestions based on like subjects, and created helpful, categorized lists for you to search and browse. Hopefully, you will be able to glean a vast amount of information and find as many history-related books as you would ever want to find. We discussed it in depth during a recent Tea With Emily Livestream on Facebook, you can view the recording here.

As a long-time homeschooling parent and the author of literature-based homeschool curriculum, we designed HBBB to help:

(1) homeschooling parents looking for additional resources to read to their children,
(2) homeschooling parents looking for more historically based books to give their children to read themselves,
(3) any teen or adult looking for categorized historical reading material for their own enjoyment and knowledge.

Reading your way through history… one book at a time.

History Book By Book Main page

We have recently started to create some blog post articles on HBBB! You can check out our first couple on our HBBB Blog.

Homeschool Tidbits Blog and Video Series

We have an ongoing series on both our blog and YouTube channel called Homeschool Tidbits!

In this weekly video series, I will briefly discuss a homeschooling-related topic. I will share some of my knowledge and expertise as a long-time homeschooling mother of four children, three of whom have graduated high school and one who is a college graduate!

This series will include an approximately 10-minute “quick-bit” YouTube video and a corresponding blog post article.

I’m on hiatus from my Homeschool Tidbit series for the rest of the summer – I’ll be back in September!

Most Recent Episodes:

“Tea with Emily” Instagram Live Stream

We hope you all enjoyed our last “Tea with Emily” Instagram Live Stream – . If you missed our “Should I Homeschool Through the Summer? Or an Ode to Summer Break.” in June, you can find a recording by scrolling through our Instagram feed.

Our next Instagram Livestream will be in August.

I host a 30-60-minute Build Your Library homeschooling chat every other month. You can ask questions about homeschooling using the Build Your Library curriculum, book recommendations, etc. We will announce the date beforehand, and you can submit questions you want to cover. Additionally, you can also ask questions during the interactive Livestream. Grab a mug of tea (or coffee) and cozy up with our virtual hangout!

Build Your Library Support

Are you looking for help or advice on your homeschooling journey? We have compiled our helpful resources into one blog post for you. From the many BYL-related Facebook groups to my book A Literary Education, there is a treasure trove of information and helpful parents to help guide you along your homeschooling adventure. If you have any questions, ask!

For a comprehensive, everything you ever wanted to know about homeschooling with Build Your Library, check out our “Build Your Library University (for Parents).” We have collected the definitive list of articles, videos, and books about Build Your Library, Charlotte Mason, and general homeschooling, all categorized logically for you to peruse.

BYL Social Media Shout Out

We always have our Social Media “chicklets” at the bottom of our newsletters and web page, but we wanted to ensure you follow us on our other platforms. The Build Your Library Facebook is our go-to social media site, and we post there frequently with excellent Amazon products and book recommendations we think you would like, as well as all of our Read Aloud Book Club announcements, blog posts, full-year and unit study product releases and updates, and more.

Our Build Your Library Instagram page regularly posts pictures and insider info about projects I’m currently working on or what I’m doing with my kids.

Although not 100% exclusively Build Your Library related, our Arrrgh Schooling YouTube channel has videos about books and homeschooling, but let’s be honest, it’s mostly books. If you want to see what I’m reading, join my Arrrgh Booked Book Club. This year is especially exciting because I have a new co-host – Tanya from Project Happy Home! This month we’re reading As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow by Zoulfa Katouh.

You can also subscribe to our email list and browse our monthly newsletters.

Wrap Up

I hope you have a wonderful July! I can’t wait to see what this new month brings!

  • “Hot July brings cooling showers, apricots and gillyflowers.” – Sara Coleridge
  • “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

If you are looking for some more inspiration, here are some articles you might find helpful:

We have well over 100 blog posts on various homeschooling and book-related topics if you want to browse for more.

That is about all for this month. Again, please follow us on whatever social media you frequent, there will be periodic updates posted there as well, but we will try to keep everyone in the know wherever you are surfing!

Thanks, and Happy Reading! Emily

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