BYL Online Used Book Super Store

April 2, 2023

I have always dreamed of opening an independent book. A cute, cozy Hobbit hole of a bookstore with new books, used books, maybe tea… If any of you remember a few years back, I started to talk about how I was actually collecting books I was willing to part with, and researching and planning out how to make it happen. Then COVID happened, squashing my dreams, and even wiping out a number of other established independent bookstores that were unable to weather the storm of shop closures and reduced sales.

So there sat all of my books in a storage unit, and all of my plans on the back burner of my mind. At least those stacks and stacks of book boxes were out of sight, out of mind. That is until the storage bill reminder quietly pops up and deducts from my checking account each month. But now on top of that, my actual living space is also overflowing with books, surprise, surprise if you follow my book haul adventures on my YouTube channel.

These books range from titles that my children have outgrown, books from previous BYL levels that were either replaced or didn’t make the cut, books I have multiple copies of, books I have read that I no longer need to keep, and many other reasons that these books just simply need to find another loving home!

So in an effort to rehome these ever-growing stacks upon stacks of great books, we have decided to try to set up the BYL Online Used Book Super Store! Right now we are in the serious planning stages, trying to set up our existing shopping cart to accommodate dozens to hundreds of books that we are looking to offer. Some are multiple copies left over from Family Reading Crates or Read Aloud Book Clubs, but the far majority will be single copies of books in a variety of genres.

We will start with a limited number of titles to get situated. But once we get rolling,  expect that we will be continually adding new books fairly often. We are trying to use the interface that comes with our current web shopping cart, but are not yet quite happy with it. We will either figure out how to fix it or eventually switch to something else. But that won’t stop the book shop from happening. Soon!

We will have more details available when we are closer to actually opening the book store to the public, but we are too excited not to let you all know what we are planning!

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