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July 18, 2022

I make it a goal to keep the curriculum up-to-date to the best of my ability.  Most updates will be replacing out-of-print or difficult-to-find titles, but occasionally I write more extensive revisions, such as when I completely rewrote Levels 5 and 6 three years ago.

I plan on completing updates on as many levels as possible. I will keep this post updated as I make progress. Please check back here to see when the next update will be available!

Please note: All projected dates are tentative and for general, ballpark informational purposes only. While we are striving to meet each of these deadlines, a schedule slip of one may impact the future projected date of others. We will keep this page as updated as we can for a one-stop location for our latest estimates and intended revision order. We also reserve the right to reprioritize any emergency update that may require more timely attention.

Last Page Update: June 16, 2024

Full Year Update Schedule

X – Level 0Updated as of May 31, 2023 (New Atlas and Activity Book)

X – Level 1Updated as of February 2021 

X – Level 2Updated as of April 2021 

[ April 16, 2021 ] – “Tea with Emily – episode 14 – In this episode, we hosted a collab Interview with Lindsey Sodano, Author of History Quest!” Since we have been changing our Levels 1 and  Level 2 curriculum to use the first two History Quest books, I hope were able to tune in and chat with Lindsey and me! (watch Episode 14 video recording here)

X – Level 3Updated as of July 18, 2021

X – Level 4Updated as of April 4, 2022

X – Level 5 Updated as of August 2020

X – Level 6Updated as of August 2020

X – Level 7Updated as of September 26, 2021 (New update on 7/20/23 to replace Tree Girl with The Well of Sacrifice)

X – Level 8Updated as of July 18, 2022

X – Level 9Updated as of February 28, 2023

X –Level 10Updated as of August 12, 2023

/ – Level 11 – Update tentatively scheduled for early July 2024 (you can see the updated booklist on the Level 11 purchase page!)

_ – Level 12 – Update tentatively scheduled Winter 2025 (updating out-of-print titles)

      • X – Completed
      • / – In Progress
      • _ – Scheduled

Unit Studies

X – PrehistoryUpdated as of May 2021 

X – Timeline FiguresUpdated as of July 2022

X – Darwin and Evolution Unit StudyUpdated as of October 1, 2023

X – History of Thanksgiving Unit StudyUpdated as of October 26, 2023

Update FAQ

Are updated lesson plans free after purchasing a level?

99% of the time,  you would be eligible for a free update if your previously purchased product gets updated (full year or unit study). The rare occasion would be some major rewrite that turns into a new product, which would have to be purchased as new.  (This has yet to happen, but may in the future as plans unfold).

To get the new update, you have a couple of options:

1) If you still have your original purchase link in your e-mail, you can download the new version from there.
2) Send me a message with the name and email you used on your original purchase and I’ll be happy to send you a new download link.

Do I have to use the latest version?

Not necessarily. If you always want the latest and greatest of everything, you absolutely can. But you may need to buy some new materials when booklists change.

If you already purchased required books before an update, or previously used a level with an older child, you would be fine using it again as-is. Typically,  most updates revolve around replacing out-of-print or otherwise difficult-to-source books. So if you already had them, or found them second-hand, you are all set.

But if the new updates contain new resources that excite you as much as me, you may want to determine for yourself if you want to include them. Getting the update for free will allow you to compare side-by-side for yourself. Flexibility is one of the cornerstones of the Build Your Library curriculum.

Can I get copies of the previous version?

Typically we do not keep multiple versions of a level active, as it would become extremely time-consuming to continuously juggle manual fulfillment of them. We would much rather spend the time continuously updating and improving the master copy of each level.  

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