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January 28, 2021

I make it a goal to keep the curriculum up-to-date to the best of my ability.  Most updates will be replacing out-of-print or difficult to find titles, but occasionally I write more extensive revisions, such as when I completely rewrote Levels 5 and 6 last year.

This year, in 2021 and beyond, I plan on completing updates on as many levels as possible. I will keep this post updated as I make progress. Please check back here to see when the next update will be available!

Please note: All projected dates are tentative and for general, ballpark informational purposes only. While we are striving to meet each of these deadlines, a schedule slip of one may impact the future projected date of others. We will keep this page as updated as we can for a one-stop location for our latest estimates and intended revision order. We also reserve the right to reprioritize any emergency update that may require more timely attention.

Last Page Update: March 1, 2021

Full Year Update Schedule

X – Level 0Updated as of November 2020

X – Level 1Updated as of February 2021 

 / – Level 2 – Update tentatively scheduled for April (to swap Story of the World for History Quest: Middle Times and replace art books)

_ – Level 3 – Update tentatively scheduled for June (updating art books and out-of-print titles)

_ – Level 4 – Update tentatively scheduled for July (updating art books and out-of-print titles)

X – Level 5 Updated as of August 2020

X – Level 6Updated as of August 2020

_ – Level 7 – Update tentatively scheduled by late August (updating out-of-print titles and replacing Elemental Science with a Zoology course)

_ – Level 8 – Update tentatively scheduled for October (updating out-of-print titles and the Thames and Kosmos science kit)

_ – Level 9 – Update tentatively scheduled for January 2022 (updating out-of-print titles)

_ – Level 10 – Update tentatively scheduled for April 2022 (updating out-of-print titles and science labs)

_ – Level 11 – Update tentatively scheduled for June 2022 (updating out-of-print titles and science labs)

_ – Level 12 – Update tentatively scheduled for September 2022 (updating out-of-print titles)

      • X – Completed
      • / – In Progress
      • _ – Scheduled

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