August 2018 Monthly Newsletter?

August 16, 2018

The following post will be a blog archive copy of the Build Your Library’s August 2018 Monthly Newsletter. If you missed the email, you can subscribe to our mailing list here.

Hey everybody, it’s Emily from Build Your Library!

If you are just going to skim the beginning, here are the main topics in this email:

Now that I have your attention, here are the details on those and a couple other bits of information, not necessarily in the above order.

New Monthly Newsletter

I am not going to commit to a monthly target date, but we are going to try to be better at some regular correspondence to keep everyone up to date on what is going on at Build Your Library. Hopefully we don’t mess anything up on our first attempt, but if there is anything funky looking… sorry!

We were “scolded” at the SEA conference by an internet marketer/business coach for not doing regular mailings (among other things 🙂 ). We are expecting these mailings will be low volume, but regularly occurring. It is not worth the cost of MailChimp to not email at least once a month, but I can’t ever see more than once a week… who has time for that?

We do have a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, but we also realize not all of our customers use all of these platforms, or see our posts in the spam of the internet. So as long as this doesn’t end up in your email’s spam folder, here is our latest update.

We have compiled our initial mailing list from our customer order database, so if you use your husband’s Paypal account, use a charter buyer or some other payment e-mail, you can sign up your daily use email at our subscribe to our mailing list link. We can’t guarantee your husband will forward this to you.

If you frequent our other social media pages, you are probably aware of most of this but we will recap some of the current highlights just in case.

Back-to-School Summer Sale

As summer is winding down, so is our Back-to-School Summer Sale – 20% off all digital products through Aug 19. Hopefully you caught the announcements on  Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but if not you still have a couple of days, full details on our sale page linked above.

New Web Page Design

Have you seen the new Build Your Library web page design? We just revamped our entire home page with a really cool, fresh new look! If you haven’t visited lately, please check it out and let us know what you think!

New Pricing Restructure

Again, full details at the New Pricing Restructure link, but after 6 years of holding the same pricing, we have decided to modestly restructure the prices of our full year programs and unit studies starting August 20th. Family Reading Crates are currently unchanged.

Family Reading Crates

Speaking of our Family Reading Crates… what?? You haven’t heard of our $34.99 monthly subscription-style boxes?

Without giving away spoilers, each of our subscription-style crates include a stack of 4 books based on a particular theme or topic. These curated reading selections are fantastic reads that you will be excited to share with your entire family. Every box also include a special, hand picked book just for mom or dad that also pertains to the theme of the box. This month’s box is called “Reader Player One” and next month’s pre-order is “Journey to Other Worlds!”

We still have a bunch of several of the previous crates if you missed them. Please, get them out of my kitchen! 🙂

New Level 11 is almost complete!

Lastly, for all those waiting – Level 11 is almost complete. It is currently available for pre-order (so it is eligible for the summer sale), but it is on target to be fully release within the next 2 weeks! So if you want to lock in your copy, you can grab it now and get the update when it is finished. The details and full book list can be found on the Level 11 page.

Wrap Up

Keep an eye on our blog. We will be updating and reposting our “Back to “Home” School Series (B2HS)” week-long blog series next week. Just in time to get you revved up to tackle this year’s homeschooling adventures!

I think that is about all for this month. Again, please follow us on whatever social media you frequent, there will be periodic updates posted there as well, but we will try to keep everyone in the know where ever you are surfing!

Thanks, and happy reading!


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