Literary Gifts for Children

December 9, 2013

With the holiday’s upon us, everyone is busy shopping for the perfect gifts for their children. If you1441240_10151818253329716_590331389_n are anything like me, you want to build a love of reading in your children. So what do you do when their wish lists are full of video games and action figures? You find them a different or interesting book! Books make great gifts, they can be personal, they can open new worlds and expand minds…I don’t have to convince you of the wonder of books. 😉 I always try to find some out-of-the-ordinary book for each of my children – some of whom are bookish and appreciate it, and some who aren’t and lovingly roll their eyes at my attempts, but usually end up enjoying the book gift anyhow.

For the 3-6 Crowd:

We are HUGE Mo Willems fans here – his books are sweet, hilarious and fun. Everyone from the 4 year old to the 40 year old enjoy them!

We are also huge Jan Brett fans – not only are her books gorgeous, but lovely to read aloud as well.

And of course – there are the perennial favorites for this age group:

For the budding artist:

Ralph Masiello has some really fantastic How-to-Draw books. They are really stunning and easy to follow – even my non-artist’s enjoy them and can easily follow the directions to complete a lovely piece of art.

But maybe you’re child would prefer something a bit more open-ended. If your child loves to draw, but often struggles to find something they’d like to draw – these are perfect:

Maybe your child likes art, but doesn’t need any drawing assistance. You may want to introduce them to different forms of art, or some of the great artists:

For the budding writer:

My daughter really enjoy’s Ralph Fletcher’s books. They are highly readable and filled with tips and tricks to help writer’s at any level. Rather than feel “schoolish” the author speaks directly to the reader, giving the feel of a friend sharing advice rather than a teacher instructing a pupil.

Similar to the drawing journals above, these journals gives you a variety of prompts to give young writer’s plenty of ideas to write every day:

For the fantasy fan:

My 14 year old read this series last year and hasn’t stopped talking about them since. She insisted that I include it on this list.

And of course there are classics like:

But there are lots of other fun Fantasy books that make great gifts:

For the kid who just loves to read, here are some fantastic reads:

For the mythology fan:

Just cool books:

This should hopefully cover something for everyone! Happy holidays and happy reading!

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