Spring 2020 Book Releases You and Your Children Should Look Out For!

March 8, 2020

What, it’s daylight savings time again already? Though depending on where you live it may still feel like the depths of winter, we’re finally starting to see a glimmer of spring on the horizon! The air is growing warmer, the flowers and leaves are blooming, and the world is becoming colorful again! What’s a better way to welcome the springtime magic than by reading many colorful, exciting new books?

You are definitely in luck, for spring is full of book releases for you and your children to discover! Divided between picture books, middle grade, and young adult novels, check out some of the most exciting new and upcoming book releases of spring 2020!

Picture Books:

Pirate Queen: A Story of Zheng Yi Sao by Helaine Becker, illustrated by Liz Wong, is the true story of one of the most powerful pirates in all of history. Born into poverty in China in the 1700s, Zheng Yi Sao married the pirate who attacked her town and after his death took over his entire fleet. This is her story, told through vivid illustrations and gorgeous lyrical prose! (Released March 3rd 2020)

Alba and the Ocean Clean Up by Laura Hawthorn is the story of a little fish who loves collecting shiny objects she finds at the bottom of the sea. But over time she starts to notice more and more trash in the ocean, making it harder for her to find more pretty things. Is there anything she can do to save her ecosystem? (Released March 17th 2020)

The Yawns are Coming! by Christopher Eliopoulos is a contagiously hilarious story about two best friends who have so many exciting plans for their sleepover. But they have to run, strange tiny creatures known as the Yawns are coming to spoil their fun! (Released May 5th 2020)

This Way, Charlie by Caron Levis, illustrated by Charles Santos, is the heartwarming true story of an unlikely pair of friends. Jack is a gruff goat who likes to keep to himself on the ranch that he lives on, but when he meets Charlie — an anxious horse who is blind in one eye — the two forge a deep friendship that will change both of their lives forever. (Released May 5th 2020)


Middle Grade:

Stand Up, Yumi Chung! by Jessica Kim is the story of a shy, awkward Korean-American girl who dreams of being a stand-up comedian. One day, she discovers that her favorite comedy youtubers are hosting a comedy camp! The only problem — when she attends, everyone mistakes her for a girl named Kay Nakamura. Should she keep pretending to be this other girl, or reveal the truth and risk losing her dreams and disappointing everyone? (Released March 17th 2020)

Ghost Squad by Claribel A. Ortega is an action-packed supernatural fantasy about Lucely Luna and her best friend Syd who accidentally awaken malicious spirits on Halloween night. They must join forces with Syd’s grandmother, a powerful witch, to reverse the curse placed upon their town before it is all too late! (Released April 7th 2020)

A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Joy McCullough is the story of Sutton, a girl with a passion for robotics, and Luis, a boy who dreams of writing fantasy novels. Though they seemingly have nothing in common, they’re thrust together when their parents start dating. Will they ever be able to get along and navigate their new life together? (Released April 14th 2020)

The Elephant’s Girl by Celesta Rimington is the story of a mysterious girl named Lexington Willow who doesn’t remember her past. Only that one day, when she was a toddler, a tornado swept her all the way into the elephant exhibit of the Nebraska zoo where the elephant Nyah protected her from the storm. Now that she is twelve, she is old enough to start helping care for the zoo elephants. But she has a secret — she and Nyah have a telepathic link, and together they are trying to figure out the truth of who she is and where she came from. (Released May 19th 2020)


Young Adult:

A Phoenix First Must Burn, an anthology edited by Patrice Caldwell, is a fiery collection of sci-fi/fantasy stories by various black young adult authors (including Elizabeth Acevedo, L. L. McKinney, and Ibi Zoboi) centering around black female and nonbinary characters. (Released March 10th 2020)

The Silence of Bones by June Hur is a haunting historical fiction novel about a girl named Seol living in Korea in the 1800s helping a young inspector investigate a murder. Though Seol and the inspector begin to forge an unlikely friendship, their bond is tested when Seol becomes one of the prime suspects. (Released April 21st 2020) 

Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust is a Persian fairy tale retelling about Princess Soraya, a girl cursed to be poisonous to the touch. To keep her and others safe, her family kept her hidden away in the palace. But when it comes time for her brother’s wedding, Soraya must consider finally stepping out of the shadows… (Released May 12th 2020) 

The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar is about a girl named Nishat who is told by her parents that she must hide who she is, because “Muslim girls cannot be lesbians”. When a school project requires Nishat to start her own mock business, she and a girl named Flavia become rivals determined to run the superior henna business. But things become more complicated when they start to have feelings for each other… (Released May 12th, 2020)

There are always so many exciting book releases every year! These are only a small sprinkling of books that have been released or are soon-to-be released this spring. What are some of you and your children’s most anticipated releases?

Don’t forget to support authors, especially debut authors, by purchasing their books or by requesting them at your local library!

Happy reading! 🙂

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