Build Your Library Virtual Homeschool Convention Booth

March 24, 2020

EDIT: (watch Virtual Homeschool Convention Booth video recording here 4/10/2020). See after stream notes below.

Typically, we try to hit a couple conventions each year. We usually go to Virginia Homeschoolers and do an event in Maine and/or Massachusetts. In the past, we’ve attended the S.E.A. convention in Atlanta and West Virginia. But this year was going to be a challenge to get Build Your Library on the road anyways. Even without all of the recent Coronavirus cancellations.

So we decided to think-outside-the-box, or rather think-inside-our-house. In light of the recent social-distancing and all of the online schooling, work-from-home, video-telecon everything, we decided to run our own Build Your Library Virtual Homeschool Convention Booth! This event will be held in conjunction with our next scheduled “Tea with Emily Facebook Live”. Join us on Friday, April 10, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST online.

virtual convention

We are going to go full out and set up our normal vendor booth display… in our living room! During the livestream I will run through our Build Your Library spiel as if you were to walk up to our booth at any homeschool convention. We will tour our booth,  as I give a  quick overview of each of our full year curriculum and unit studies, and flip through the printed copies on display. Then we’ll open up the Facebook Live to any questions any of you may have on any of our products.

virtual booth liveAs always, if you have any questions you want to make sure we cover, you can submit them via our Contact Us page prior to the event, so we don’t miss it in the scroll. Or you can just ask during the stream. This is a Facebook Live event, so you will just need to click through on Facebook to watch it live.

This event will be perfect for new customers looking for introductory information on Build Your Library. Current customers will also find this is a great way to learn more about other products we offer. And we hope this will be a fun event for all! We hope you can join us, from a distance, at our Virtual Homeschool Convention Booth!

EDIT: (watch Virtual Homeschool Convention Booth video recording here 4/10/2020)



living room convention booth

After Livestream Notes – 4/10/2020: Our Virtual Homeschool Convention Booth ran for about an hour and a half! It was a really great opportunity for us to delve pretty deep into the background of Build Your Library. Both as a company, and also into the inter-workings and design of all of our products. There are a lot of moving parts involved and hopefully you all enjoyed my commentary into my thought process. I consider this everything you ever wanted to know about the Build Your Library curriculum, but were afraid to ask!

(Watch Virtual Homeschool Convention Booth video recording here 4/10/2020)

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