Updates to Grade 2 – The Medieval World

Every now and then a book goes out of print – sometimes it happens to several books… It’s the downside of creating and using literature-based curriculum. But when that happens, I do my best to find replacement books that are just as good, if not better.

Unfortunately, three books in our Grade 2 curriculum recently all but disappeared from the market, both new and used copies. So I have scheduled replacements all of them and I’m excited to finally have updated Grade 2 – The Medieval World  available for purchase.

If you are interested in getting the update, please send me a message with the name and email you used to purchase and I’ll be happy to send you a new download link. Again, if you already have the previous required books in your possession, the previous edition is still valid and you can continue to use it, or use it again. If you want the updated teacher’s guide, you will have to purchase the three new books to match the new set of lesson plans.

If you are planning on purchasing Grade 2,  you will automatically receive the updated version.

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