Build Your Library Giveaway


Have you been wondering if Build Your Library is the right curriculum for you?  Today only, The Secular Home School Community is hosting a giveaway and you could enter to win a free Instructor’s Guide for a full year program!

What do you get in an Instructor’s Guide? You get:

  • A booklist
  • A daily AND weekly schedule
  • A set of age appropriate narration cards
  • Copywork or dictation taken from the read aloud selection
  • Discussion questions and activities to go along with the read aloud selection
  • Vocabulary words taken from the read aloud selection
  • Poetry readings twice a week
  • Memorization assignments
  • Notebook pages (including mapwork)
  • Timeline figures
  • Interesting research projects
  • Art lessons and projects that are tied to the historical time period being studied
  • Secular science lessons (literature based in the elementary years and Elemental Science in the middle grades)

Go to this page for more information on how to enter!

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