Used Book - Pigs Can't Fly! (HC)

by Ben Cort (Author)
Hard Cover, Used-Very Good


USD 4.95

Little Pig is bored. He decides that pigs never have any fun. It seems to him that a Giraffe has much more fun-so he climbs up on stilts in an effort to be as tall as Giraffe. But down he comes with a huge CRASH! "You're not a giraffe. You're a wobbly pig on stilts," Zebra tells Pig. But now, Pig sees Zebra's stripes, and this gives him another clever idea, which leads to a brand-new disaster. Every time Pig sees a different animal, he's inspired to concoct a new catastrophe! Will Pig ever get it right? Will he ever start having fun? Very young boys and girls will laugh with delight as they reach the story's end and discover the answer to this question.

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