Used Book - Stagestruck (PB)

by Shelley Peterson (Author)
Paperback, Used-Very Good


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Sixteen-year-old Abby Malone is out for a ride on her favourite horse, Moonlight Sonata. When a flash thunderstorm hits, Abby and Moonie take refuge in what appears to be an abandoned barn. Inside, Abby discovers a wooden stage, velvet seats and an orchestra pit. What on earth is a theatre doing in old barn? And what is that blur of bluish light in the second row from the back? From the author of the bestselling books Dancer and Abby Malone comes Stagestruck-a new story chock-full of adventure, mystery and romance. Featuring a familiar cast of characters-including Hilary 'Mousie' James, the evil Samuel Owens, Cody the coyote and Dancer, Mousie's champion show-jumping horse-Stagestruck begins a few years after Abby Malone left off. With Hilary off at university, Dancer is restless and in need of exercise. Abby jumps at the chance to train this magnificent horse, but soon finds herself caught in a tangle of mysterious events. As Abby prepares Dancer for the prestigious Grand Invitational-and the community comes together to mount a production of Pinocchio at the old theatre-strange things begin to occur. Is someone out to hurt Abby, or is Dancer once again the target of Samuel Owens' wrath? For those familiar with Peterson's earlier work, or for new readers, Stagestruck is an unforgettable story. Shelley Peterson was born in London, Ontario--the second of six children. She was trained in Theatre Arts at the Banff School of Performing Arts. Dalhousie University, and the University of Western Ontario. She has worked as a professional actress, on stage, film and television. Peterson has had a lifelong love of animals big and small, with a particular interest in horses. She has ridden since she was a girl. Peterson divides her time between Toronto and Fox Ridge, a horse farm in the Caledon hills, which she shares with her husband, three children and the family dog.

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