Used Book - The Big Book of Random Facts Vol.3 (PB)

by Bill O'Neill (Author)
Paperback, Very Good


USD 3.95

If you love trivia or just learning new and interesting facts, The Big Book of Random Facts is for you! This book is loaded with 1000 random facts from history to geography to nature to pop culture. Funny facts, obscure facts, amazing facts, it’s all here. Become a master of trivia nights and quizzes or even start your own trivia game with this book jam-packed with fun and exciting facts!

The Big Book of Random facts is chock full of fun facts from a wide range of subjects and fields. There’s trivia about movies, animals, world events, video games, the body, amazing firsts, art, sports, music, history and so much more. Every one of the facts here has been thoroughly researched for accuracy, and laid out in a fun and exciting format. You’ll find engaging and interesting facts on every single page. In fact, you’ll probably find it hard to put down.

Ever wonder what the first TV show on DVD was, who has the largest recorded family tree in the world, who made the first forward pass in football, what bubble wrap was originally made for, or what the first Bitcoins were used to buy? These trivia facts and so many more will be at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pub trivia veteran, quizmaster, online trivia gamer, or just someone who wants to learn a slew of new fun and interesting facts to stay sharp, you will find a wealth of new and intriguing trivia facts in The Big Book of Random Facts.

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