Thank you for purchasing our February 2019 Family Reading Crate – “Science Fiction Isn’t Just Outer Space!” crate.

As stated in the enclosed booklet, the following page contains all of the extras that you could use to further enhance the experience of going through this month’s offering. You will find a PDF of activity printables, helpful links of other related topics, movies or documentaries you could watch, or additional books to purchase or borrow from the library.

Happy Reading!

Sci-Fi Sub Box Printables

Helpful Links:

Crash Course Kids – While several videos do in fact deal with space, this video series is wonderful for adding more science to your science fiction.

Precipitation Education – This NASA page has a lot of fantastic information to inspire any budding meteorologist.

National Geographic Kids Dinosaurs – Lots of fun information, games, and videos about dinosaurs!

Scolastic Science Fiction Story Starters – If you want to encourage your child to write, these sci-fi writing prompts are a fun place to start!

Additional Books to Read:

Younger Readers:

Boy and Bot

Little Bot and Sparrow

Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor

Dinosaur Bob and his Adventures With the Family Lazardo


Middle Grade:

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NiMH

The Wild Robot

The Giver


Plants vs. Zombies 

Beetle Boy


Young Adult/Adult:

The Maze Runner


Ready Player One

City of Ember



Family Friendly Movies:

Back to the Future (Rated PG)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Rated PG) – I know, technically this is space since E.T. is an alien, but since it takes place on earth, I say it counts. 😉

Honey I Shrunk the Kids! (Rated PG)

Jurassic Park (Rated PG-13)

The Iron Giant (Rated PG)

The Incredibles (Rated PG)



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