Thank you for purchasing our April Family Reading Crate – Bookception: Books Within Books!

As stated in the enclosed booklet, the following page contains all of the extras that you could use to further enhance the experience of going through this month’s offering. You will find a PDF of activity printables, helpful links of other related topics, movies or documentaries you could watch, or additional books to purchase or borrow from the library.

Happy Reading!

Bookception Sub Box Printables

Helpful Links:

How Are Books Made?  – This is a great way to talk about how books are made and even try your hand at making your own mini-books!

Mini-Book Templates – Here is a variety of templates for making your own mini-books!

How It’s Made: Book Binding – This YouTube video shows how books were traditionally hand-made.

Mad-Libs – This is more words and making silly stories but I couldn’t pass up the chance to recommend Mad-Libs. My kids would spend all day playing if I let them. 😉

Additional Books:

Younger readers:

Marguerite Makes a Book
Waiting for the Biblioburo
The Librarian of Basra
My Librarian is a Camel
That Book Woman
We Are In a Book (Elephant and Piggie)

Middle Grade Readers:

Mr. Lemonchello’s Library
The Unbreakable Code (sequel to Book Scavenger)
The Island of Dr. Libris
The Neverending Story

YA/Adult Readers:

The Princess Bride
The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next series)
The Book Thief
Fahrenheit 451 
Eliza and Her Monsters 
The Book Jumper
The Shadow of the Wind
The Historian

Fun Family Movies:

The Princess Bride
The Neverending Story
Stranger Than Fiction (PG-13)
84 Charing Cross Road
Beauty and the Beast
You’ve Got Mail

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