Thank you for purchasing our May 2019 Family Reading Crate – “Books in Space!” crate.

As stated in the enclosed booklet, the following page contains all of the extras that you could use to further enhance the experience of going through this month’s offering. You will find a PDF of activity printables, helpful links of other related topics, movies or documentaries you could watch, or additional books to purchase or borrow from the library.

Happy Reading!

Books in Space Sub Box Printables

Helpful Links:

Mars One – Mars One is a real program, though they aren’t quite as far along as the one in the book.

NASA Kids Club – there is a lot to explore on the NASA Kids site!

Crash Course: Astronomy – If you enjoy Crash Course videos, there is a fantastic series on Astronomy. You should definitely check it out!

Additional Books to Read:

Younger Readers:

Oh No, Astro!
Margaret and the Moon
You are the First Kid on Mars!
Once Upon a Starry Night

Middle Grade:

Life on Mars
Dragon Pearl
See You in the Cosmos
Zita the Space Girl
George’s Secret Key to the Universe

Young Adult/Adult:

The Martian
Red Rising

Family Friendly Movies:

Star Wars Saga (PG – PG13)
Muppets From Space (G)
Wall-E (G)
Mars Needs Moms (PG)
The Martian (PG-13)
Zathura (PG)


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