Used Book - How to be a Cartoonist (PB)

by Peter Maddocks (Author, Illustrator), Marian Bonelli (Editor)
Hard Cover, Used-Good


USD 3.95

Peter Maddocks' highly successful first book So You Want to be a Cartoonist? Drew on his vast experience both as a Cartoonist and as a teacher of cartooning to guide the aspiring artist in every stage of his early career from buying paper and ink to selling the first masterpiece to a Fleet Street editor. In How to be a Super Cartoonist he broadens his scope by asking other leading Cartoonists about their work and their technique. Where do ideas come from? How do they keep a likeness or develop a character? Why do Andy Capp and Bristow still make us laugh year after year? Why do they prefer ink to crayon, or crayon to ink? Simon Bond, Larry, Reg Smythe, Frank Dickens & Posy are just a few of the comic and creative artists who contribute to this book. Using examples of the work of all these experts, Peter Maddocks provides inspiration and sound technical advice for any would-be 'Super Cartoonist.'

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