Used Book - Child Out of Place: A Story of New England (PB)

by Patricia Q. Wall (Author)
Paperback, Used-Very Good


USD 3.95

“Just because you got your freedom document, Matty, it won’t make you same as white folks,” said Great Uncle Ned. “And, it won’t protect you from some kidnapping slaver, either.” Shocking words that December night in 1806. This sheltered child servant is finally being made to face reality and to learn the full story of her ancestors’ long enslavement in the old Warren mansion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. That handsome brick mansion which she has always adored, its seemingly benign white owners and even the town of Portsmouth are changed in her mind forever. In part, CHILD OUT OF PLACE is about young Matty’s struggle to hang on to her dreams; to keep believing, despite her relatives discouragements, that a better, happier life is possible for her. But, this story also reveals an important and long neglected chapter in the history of slavery in America – the New England chapter. The setting for this fictional story is borrowed from a real 18th century mansion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the MacPheadris-Warner House, now a museum.

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