Used Book - The Little Women Treasury (HC)

by Carolyn Strom Collins (Author), Christina Wyss Eriksson (Author)
Hard Cover, Used-Good


USD 4.95

Now, in this lavishly illustrated volume, you can enter the magical lives of these beloved sisters, Marmee, Hannah, and Father March. Learn how to make Hannah's "Muffs," Meg's Blancmange, Amy's Pickled Limes, and Marmee's "Personality" Cookies. Re-create handicrafts from the Little Women novels - Jo's Sausage Pillow, Amy's Grand Tour Folder, Beth's Gathering Basket, and Meg's Cushion. Recollect favorite moments from the novels while making Pickwick Club Badges, Laurie's Birdhouse "Post-Office," or Marmee's Christmas Gift Basket. Use the garden sketch to transform your garden plot into one resembling that of one or all of the March girls and discover how you can create the Christmas Centerpiece the family enjoyed during their holiday.

A short biography of Louisa May Alcott, along with a portrait of the era in which Little Women and its sequels are set, will give readers a real-world context for these classic stories. Quotes from all the novels are sprinkled throughout the text and set against dozens of archival photographs, original line drawings, and color paintings, all thoroughly researched.

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