Summer Read-a-thon: Animal Riddles

June 28, 2013

It’s nearing the end of Animal week, I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far! Today I’m going to give you a challenge – let’s see if you can figure out these animal riddles!

I am a treetop gymnast.

I appear to fly among the branches.

I mock the dogs who think that they can catch me.

What am I?


I want to sing while drinking nectar from brightly colored flowers.

Yet I can never remember the words.

I can only hum the tune.

What am I?


My home is with me and I with it.

I can swim faster than I can walk.

I am often mistake for just another rock.

What am I?


Exotic is my middle name.

Many eyes watch as I prance proudly.

I’m colorful as a rainbow.

What am I?

You can answer in the comments and tomorrow morning I’ll post the answers! Have fun!

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