Summer Read-a-thon Week 8 Activities

The theme this week is Famous People and Famous Places, so here’s some fun ideas to help you explore the theme:

World Landmarks Puzzles РThis website is a lot of fun if you enjoy puzzles. There are 50 landmarks that you can learn a little bit about and then you can complete a puzzle of that landmark. You can adjust the difficulty level of the puzzles as well.


If you have an old Guess Who game board, you can create your own pieces using Google Images Рmake it a Famous Americans game,Royals around the World, National Landmarks, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Learn more about Famous People at the BBC Primary History – Famous People site. You can learn about 25 people. Each page has a variety of information, sound bites, videos and a quiz. There is even an interactive timeline to help you place these people in time.

If you wanted to be a bit more academic – you could choose a famous person or landmark and have your child write a short report.

Happy learning!


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