Summer Read-a-thon: Beach Scavenger Hunt

We’re here in Cape Cod, enjoying our beach vacation. I mentioned before that my kids are big into collecting. Anything they find on 1005693_10200908061399659_2041843662_nthe beach that they think is beautiful get’s brought back in a bucket. This particular beach is loaded with shells – you can’t take a step without finding one! So I send them on missions to keep them from going crazy – find a purple shell, find one with an interesting pattern, etc. This inspired today’s activity: A beach scavenger hunt! Next time you are going to be a the beach, send your children on a scavenger hunt!


The loot so far - I'm sure they'll fill at least one more bucket!

The loot so far – I’m sure they’ll fill at least one more bucket!

Download the free Beach Scavenger Hunt here!

I love a good scavenger hunt – it builds observational skills, keeps kids busy and it’s fun to go on a quest! Don’t worry if you can’t find everything on the list. Give each child a copy and make it a contest to see who can find the most items.

I hope you enjoy today’s activity! Remember to check back in for more fun here at Build Your Library all summer long!


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