New – History and Science Based Narration Cards

One of the staples of Build Your Library curriculum are the Narration Cards. Narration is really the foundation of my program. Narration builds thinking skills, writing skills, vocabulary, listening skills – it is such an important part of your child’s learning.

Build Your Library lesson plans assign narration after both the literature (read alouds) and readers. But a few people have asked me about narrating history or science. While I agree that those subjects are excellent to narrate, my Narration Cards work better with literature than with history or science.

So I sat down and worked on a list of narration ideas that would work well for those subjects. My goal is to give your children a variety of activities to choose from, but still keep within the framework of what Narration is meant to be – a way for them to own the knowledge they have learned from their books. It isn’t pointless busy work. It is a way for them to organize their thoughts and present what they learned.

Some examples:

History Cards

  • Interview either an eyewitness to an event or a historical figure
  • Create a political cartoon or comic strip
  • Create a timeline for an event

Science Cards

  • Draw and label a diagram
  • Design a science experiment based on what you read
  • Teach someone something you learned

Note: These cards are best for ages 8 and up, however, you could use them with younger students if you do some of the writing cards orally, or if your child can handle the amount of writing.


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